01 Dec

WordPress Development with an API Mindset

An official JSON API is being developed for WordPress and if all goes as planned, is slated for inclusion in the upcoming 4.1 release of WordPress. This is obviously great news for both users and developers alike, especially as WordPress is increasingly used as a platform for applications. While still in development, you can utilize this new API now, in plugin form, via its Github repository. example-wordpress-api-code Right from the start, the feature plugin enables a full-fledged API for all of the built-in WordPress core functionality. Retrieving, creating, editing, and deleting posts, pages, and taxonomies right out of the box. This, in and of itself, is incredibly useful.
12 Jun

Want to act like a tech startup with a multibillion dollar valuation? This is how you do it.

The seemingly insane billion-dollar valuations of companies in 2014 that didn't even exist 10 years ago appears to make one thing certain: tech startups are experiencing astronomical growth and they're experiencing it fast. So what can traditionally non-tech-startup companies learn from these consumer brand titans? It turns out, a whole lot, and it's probably easier than you think.. Join us as we take a peak at 4 things that your company (whether you're leading or are a part of a team of 5 or 5,000) needs to learn from the tech startup world, now. iStock_000034373466Small "Tech startups" are a vast and diverse bunch and they aren't just restricted to the nerdtastic Facebook or Google office type settings you may think of. Many tech entrepreneurs are moms working out of a home office with childcare in the next room. Or, in the case of BWD, entire agencies and teams of experts work remotely across the United States to produce award winning work for their clients. Needless to say, these diverse environments cultivate a lot of and creative and innovative thinking that leads to their companies' astronomical growth. Here's how: 
Child prostitution in the shadow of the Castelão World Cup stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil.
05 Jun

BWD works with Meninadança, rehabilitating child sex workers in Brazil as World Cup & Olympics loom

meninadanca_facebook_banner Meaning "girl-dance" in Portuguese, Meninadança is an NGO located along the BR-116 highway in Medina, Brazil that protects girls at risk of sexual exploitation by fighting for their rights to food, friendship, and the freedom of artful expression through dance.
Along its longest motorway, the BR-116, thousands of young girls are living a nightmare of child prostitution, unacknowledged and unprotected - and a long way from the crowds and TV cameras of the World Cup.
With the 20th quadrennial FIFA World Cup being hosted in Brazil this summer and the 2016 Olympics being held there shortly after, all eyes are scrutinizing how Brazil will take responsibility for the devastating forced child sex work that occurs within its borders.
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29 May

8 of the best, full video background web and mobile designs

One of the most popular trends in design right now for both large and small brands alike, is the full video background effect. When done correctly, full video backgrounds create a stunning effect with minimal text or "copy." If you're considering taking this route when working with a design or marketing agency like ours, then be sure to look over the 10 best examples we've put together here for inspiration. Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.58.17 PM

8. Hotelstyle

As stylish as the company name, the Hotelstyle website is based on a short and sweet video background where a man is dressed in eye-catching clothes, by invisible forces. It’s the perfect marketing hook for a business that trades in saucy men’s fashion, and the message that takes the screen once the video ends – a simple “Welcome Gentlemen” and a button encouraging customers to “discover” the Hotelstyle collection – effortlessly posits Hotelstyle as a curator of cool. Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.59.07 PM

7. Pan Pacific Defense

Pan Pacific Defense is a stunning example of how video background website design can be used for effective viral marketing. This website, built to market the Warner Brothers Pacific Rim film that came out last summer, is a visual tour-de-force. From the moment users arrive on the site, they will be swept away by the intensely realistic atmosphere of it all, a feeling meant to mimic the view from inside one of the robots portrayed in the science fiction blockbuster. Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.59.34 PM

6. Rabbit Hole

The website of a cutting edge graphic design firm based in the United Kingdom, Rabbit Hole makes subtler (but no less effective) use of video background design than many of the other sites on this list. Using a river flowing in continuous loop as its visual springboard, this site cultivates a natural and calming feel from the word go. Encouraging visitors to “go underground” and check out a portfolio of the design firm’s clients is a nice play on the Rabbit Hole name. Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.59.50 PM

5. Kingsbury Press

The Kingsbury Press printing company makes incredibly evocative use of the video background design gimmick, using it to show brief snippets of their production process. The video is a powerful tool that wordlessly conveys commitment to quality, while the ambient sound provides nice accompaniment to the video without being distracting to internet users who, for instance, like to listen to music while surfing the web. Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 8.00.59 PM

4. Bienville Capital Management

This investment management firm sells its investment services by selling the city where stock investments are king: New York. The video background design is one of the most simplistic and minimalistic on any site. It uses a variety of live feeds from around NYC to present backgrounds that are sometimes not even clearly videos until a plane flies by.
GatherContent calendar feature plus logo
15 May

4 questions that prove Content Marketing is your only option as of 2014

The year 2013 saw a big shift in the online marketing game, moving trends away from invasive advertising and formulaic SEO strategies, pushing more and more towards content creation as a prime means of generating customer interest and sales. As a result, content marketing has continued to grow in not only prominence, but results and momentum throughout 2014 as well. We soon expect content marketing to be the only marketing solution for brands and businesses big and small as of late 2014. Beutler_Eloqua_LookBookHQ_v10

What exactly is content marketing? Can my small business even afford it?

Most likely, the big question for small and medium-sized businesses right now is this one: “What is content marketing?” Look up the phrase content marketing on Google and you'll likely read something about blog posts, case studies, or even short films that businesses and brands use to attract and maintain customer attention.
14 May

4 Reasons Modern “SEO” Is Really All About Content Marketing

For years, search engine optimization has been a field all of its own, a professional niche of content writers and web analytics experts that relied on short-form keywords, link building exercises, and other common practices to boost Google rank and improve traffic. But traditional SEO was never really about producing high quality, unique content. Instead, it was a mathematical model that tended to favor almost the sometimes absurd and carefully calculated placement of keywords and links, oftentimes sacrificing quality. 6-best-practices-for-modern-seo-c87c954b01

The Downfall of SEO Prior to 2014

In fact, traditional SEO content is often generic, copycat fare, the work of SEO writers who claim they can produce content in any and all subjects, but who don’t have a deep enough knowledge in any given field to truly produce the kind of rich content that most people would be interested in reading or sharing. In other words, while most SEO writing has been able to accumulate enough clicks and traffic to rank on Google, it has been distinctly less successful at retaining reader interest for more than a few minutes, let alone at converting those readers into followers or customers.