02 Nov Four Copyright Myths Dispelled for Bloggers

As a blogger, it’s important to have a basic understanding of copyright law so that you can properly and confidently maintain ownership over your work. Here are five very common copyright myths dispelled to ensure that you remain protected without added worry.

Common Copyright Myths Dispelled for Bloggers

  1. If it doesn’t have a copyright symbol, then a post isn’t copyrighted. This is false! Since 1978, law does not require you–the content producer or blogger–to mark your work with the copyright symbol in order to remain protected. Instead, a piece of work is copyrighted once it has been developed into some tangible form of expression i.e. a blog post, a book, or a painting. This tangibility can actualize even by clicking the save button or typing out a few sentences in a form.
  2. If a piece of work is not registered, then it is not copyrighted. This is partially true. As stated above, a work is copyrighted once it is a tangible form of expression, but registering work provides you with extra protection. For example, if you are planning to sue another party who has allegedly stolen your work, then registration is necessary. For information on how to register, visit Copyright.gov.
  3. If you do not actively protect your copyright, then you’ll loose it. This is false. Unlike a trademark, a copyright is valid for a very specific period of time, and unless you give up your copyright through written consent, it will remain within your “ownership” until well beyond your own death.
  4. A Creative Commons license is a new form of copyright. A Creative Commons license allows you to keep your copyright, but permits people to copy and distribute your work, as long as they provide you with credit.

Since copyright law is very intricate and highly detailed, this list should certainly not be considered comprehensive. As a blogger, however, the truth about these common copyright myths will leave you feeling better protected and more secure as a blogger or digital publisher.

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