Valenches Music Company: String Instrument School and Professional Musician Group

Family Music Business Website Example

Boosting revenue for a value-rich family music business

BWD had the great pleasure of working with the Valenches in completely overhauling their music school and professional musician group’s digital presence. We not only provided hours worth of great business development strategy, but created an entire digital marketing strategy from the ground up. As a result, bookings, signups, and revenues have been increasing ever since, in addition to a definitive rise in their brand’s equity in the Pennsylvania and greater state regions.

After working with BWD to build a digital presence where there previously was none, I am ecstatic! Okay, that's really an understatement. I'm so ridiculously thrilled; I could just jump outta my skin! Being in the fine arts field, I'm extremely particular about details. BWD was continuously five steps ahead of me with great ideas and gave 200% attention to every last detail. Not only is our website fully functioning with lots of fancy schmancy digital chocolate, it's artistically stunning. If you need the ultimate in digital savvy, fresh ideas, artistry and complete brand experience, BWD is the ONLY choice. Our bookings are up dramatically up since the launch, and we receive new contracts back in record time.
— Valenches Music Co.