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Expert Web Design in New York & Boston for Small & Medium Sized Businesses at Flat Rates

And Old Map of New York City

Finding a web designer that is dependable, trustworthy, and consistent can be a horribly difficult task for small and medium sized business managers. BWD fills in all the gaps that other web designers and developers from Boston and New York leave hanging by ensuring a remote environment of complete transparency, continual training and education, and excellent customer service.

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4 SEO Reasons your Business Should Have Started Blogging Yesterday


The most recent updates to Google’s ranking algorithms, Penguin and Panda, have been the basis for a great deal of speculation and discussion about these types of changes to SEO in the last 12 months. However, all high level marketers now agree–as we’ve consistently discussed on this blog–that content creation and marketing is at the heart of success in working with all modern search algorithms, including Google’s.

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