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3 Easy Ways to Keep your Website Visitors from “Just Visiting”

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Conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization (CRO), is the practice of not only gaining a large online base of web visitors–be it to social platforms, your websites, or other locations–but effecting movement and traction with that base as well. Whether to boost sales or to increase online subscriptions with the subtlest of design changes, conversion

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8 Parts that Make the Best Small (and Medium!) Business Websites

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It’s often true that a website is the first opportunity for a potential customer to guage the professionalism and value of your business. They’ll ask themselves: does this company look reliable? Do they offer the expertise and craftsmanship that I’m looking for? Is the value any good? As you can imagine, this huge first impression has the potential to go a number of different ways. To ensure that you make the geratest one possible, here are eight elements that make up the best small business websites based on our 10 years of work with WordPress and small business clients.

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3 Keys to Beginner’s Conversion Optimization for Small Business Websites (& the Money You’re Losing Without Them!)

As you can imagine, there are many many people simply “looking around” on any given website, and what a company like ours specializes in is getting those looky-loos to follow through with a positive outcome or goal achievement. All of the SEO, external advertising, or link-building in the world can send tons of traffic to a page, but how can you best ensure a sale once they arrive? This is the art of conversion optimization.

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