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4 Reasons Modern “SEO” Is Really All About Content Marketing


For years, search engine optimization has been a field all of its own, a professional niche of content writers and web analytics experts that relied on short-form keywords, link building exercises, and other common practices to boost Google rank and improve traffic. But traditional SEO was never really about producing high quality, unique content. Instead, it was

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Why Icons Are Essential In Small Business Marketing + [FREE Download] 10 Pack Icons

Marketing Icons Set 1_V4 (1)

When most people think of marketing or advertising, they think of expensive television commercials, memorable radio spots, eye-catching newspaper or magazine advertisements, or even entire websites or social media feeds. In essence the average person thinks of the complete marketing concept rather than assessing the different pieces that went into building that concept. The building

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2 Programs to Help Small Biz Owners “DIY” their Graphic Design for Serious Savings

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Once upon a time, it was okay for websites to look amateurish. Back in the 1990s, website design was at a rudimentary stage at best. Those who used the internet did so to find content that they couldn’t get anywhere else, but they didn’t expect it to look good. Certain relics of this age of website

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6 Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses and Holiday Marketing


From Thanksgiving and Christmas to Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July, a small business should always be building a list of ideas that could liven up its holiday marketing promotions. However, before any business starts off on a holiday marketing campaign, there are several do’s and don’ts that should be part of the core

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The State of Facebook Advertising in 2013

As our small business clients start to consider changes to their budgets for advertising, we wanted to provide Spruce Meida’s outlook on the state of Facebook advertising in 2013. Spruce Media is one of the largest ad-buying platform clients for Facebook, providing a network of tools for companies like ours use to buy large, convenient chunks of Facebook ad space in a variety of forms. Here’s some of the most fascinating information we found in their report. You might be surprised!

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