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8 of the best, full video background web and mobile designs

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One of the most popular trends in design right now for both large and small brands alike, is the full video background effect. When done correctly, full video backgrounds create a stunning effect with minimal text or “copy.” If you’re considering taking this route when working with a design or marketing agency like ours, then be sure

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6 Super High Traffic Websites You’d Never Know Were Run on WordPress

Boise State

As of November 2013, approximately 20% of websites are powered by WordPress (up from the 14.7% in 2011!). Thanks to its increasing versatility as a content management system, WordPress now powers some of the most popular websites (over 72.4 million websites in total) making it the most popular CMS in the world.  In this post we’ve

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Building Quality for WordPress Websites, Inside & Out

Perfect coding for small business websites

The quality, craftsmanship, and general working relationship between an agency and its client can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For example, to some clients and agencies, it might be the effectiveness of the finished product (without a care for what’s underneath the hood), or it might be the

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Expert Web Design in New York & Boston for Small & Medium Sized Businesses at Flat Rates

And Old Map of New York City

Finding a web designer that is dependable, trustworthy, and consistent can be a horribly difficult task for small and medium sized business managers. BWD fills in all the gaps that other web designers and developers from Boston and New York leave hanging by ensuring a remote environment of complete transparency, continual training and education, and excellent customer service.

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Custom Integration of WordPress and Tinypass: Our Findings and Tutorials


After surveying a number of content access systems supporting a paid subscription model, we settled on a service called Tinypass. Tinypass has gathered a great amount of fantastic press most recently when prolific blogger Andrew Sullivan and our friends over at BKLYNR made the switch to start charging for their high quality content–and seeing great results–as well.

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4 Reasons to Ditch Microsoft Word and Exclusively Work in WordPress


In today’s modern world, Microsoft Word doesn’t hold the same prestige it once did. Ever since the .docx format was adopted, Word files have become inefficient and more difficult to properly output in other formats. Luckily, WordPress (WP) has a great post editing interface with a myriad of different features. In this post, we’ll explain why bloggers should use WP exclusively and opt out of using Microsoft Word altogether.

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