16 Aug WordPress 3.3: What to Expect in the Next WordPress Update for November 2011

The WordPress Logo.The WordPress development team announced the intended scope for WordPress 3.3 this July on the WordPress Development Updates blog. We can expect the following updates to be ready for sometime around November 15, 2011.

Integration of Plupload

If you’ve ever experienced trouble placing images properly in the lay out of your post, you can expect to experience a much more user-friendly experience with the integration of Plupload, a highly versatile upload handler that will be incorporated into the new version of WordPress 3.3

Plupload employs a variety of exciting coding languages and mechanisms like HTML 5 to streamline the process of inserting media into your posts. Jacob Gillespie, the talented developer behind this specific feature as a part of a Google Summer of Code 2011 project, expects to vastly improve the uploader with the integration of existing open source projects in addition to more modern features that increase speed and usability.

In addition, Gillespie reports that he would also like to include:

  • Multiple file transports starting with HTML5 with a fallback to Flash, then a fallback to HTML4
  • Drag and drop uploading
  • On-the-fly image resizing
  • Hooks for in-browser image processing (so that a plugin could add pre-upload sepia tone, for example)

Keep in mind that you’ll definitely need to be working with a fully updated and modern browser to experience most of these great new features (as we discussed last week).

New and Improved User Experience & Welcome Options

The latest installations of the self-hosted version of WordPress 3.3 will now provide new users with a helpful set of features to get started. These include a new introduction screen for first-time installers with a series of checkboxes to make sure a user has everything he or she needs to get started, a welcome screen that follows updates much like that which Mozilla Firefox users find upon updating, and a great social media opportunity that posts a message about the publication of the user’s new blog on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar services.

Responsive Administrative Interface

Responsive design for WordPress 3.3At the moment, WordPress’ administrative panel is not very elastic in terms of screen sizes, especially both those that are very narrow or very wide. Furthermore, human interface mechanisms such as touch screens have a difficult time displaying the WordPress administrative panel properly.

WordPress 3.3 aims to modify this experience for the better and enable users of smart phones, tablets, and other non-traditional visual access points to gain a friendlier and more functional experience.

Further Updates Included in WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 packs in many more updates in the fields of performance improvements, increased language options, the API, and more. This means that your blog will not only run faster, but that more and more feature options are being built right into the main code of WordPress itself!

To read more into the nuts and bolts of this update schedule for November, 2011, visit the WordPress developer’s blog.

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